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  • October 31 2014
    Today we are giving you double exp for crimes and attack also we added special Halloween items to the Streets also mood pills. At random times i will add items to the Murder City shop for 1 dollar game money so watch that shop when i am online. If you bought a donator pack then your not allowed anymore to buy anymore stuff from the shop so others have a chance to buy something. Have fun!!!
  • October 30 2014
    Because its allmost Halloween we are going to sell a special Halloween Pack. Also we will have special events tomorrow so keep an eye of the announcements. If you spent more then 20 dollar on donator packs then you will get 1 free golden skull. This events will ends Sunday around this time.
  • October 28 2014
    Crystal Lottery Winnings!

    jester147 won the lottery jackpot of 1802 crystals. Congratulations!