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  • August 31 2014
    Crystal Lottery Winnings!

    The Mad Golfer won the lottery jackpot of 1419 crystals. Congratulations!
  • August 31 2014
    Lottery Winnings!

    WolfSheild RJS won the lottery jackpot of $11,040,150. Congratulations!
  • August 27 2014
    Server has been moved successfully. Thank you all for your patience. Please note the game time has changed as well.

    Updates: You will notice some new categories in the Hall Of Fame. Every first of the month, we will have various Competitions that will last for 4 or 5 days. You can go to the Hall Of Fame to see where you stand in the competition. Some competitions will have a special newbie category for those players less than 45 day old.

    Much more features to come!!