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  • October 19 2014
    Lottery Winnings!

    rooo(just chillin) won the lottery jackpot of $57,568,425. Congratulations!
  • October 19 2014
    I made a mistake with the last announcement, Tuesday i will announce the winner of the Dream Gangster Pack. Time will be around 1:00 PM Also i will announce a second winner and he or she can train also for 24 hours in my bungelow!!!! Have fun!!!
  • October 19 2014
    Tomorrow around 1:00 PM we will announce the winner of the raffle. Till that time everyone who is buying a donator pack gets a raffleticket from me. Only one ticket a person. But i allready used the number generator as a suprise. Winning number is 13. The winner can marry me and train for 24 hours in my Bungelow with 30 k mood. Please sent me a message and we will marry so you can train. Have fun and till tomorrow.