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  • August 27 2014
    Server has been moved successfully. Thank you all for your patience. Please note the game time has changed as well.

    Updates: You will notice some new categories in the Hall Of Fame. Every first of the month, we will have various Competitions that will last for 4 or 5 days. You can go to the Hall Of Fame to see where you stand in the competition. Some competitions will have a special newbie category for those players less than 45 day old.

    Much more features to come!!
  • August 27 2014
    Hey All,

    Later today, around 11AM game time we will be moving the game to a new server.

    This should take no longer than 24 hours.

    We apologise for the inconvenience and the disruption in your game play that this may cause but it is necessary.

    Thank you
  • August 24 2014
    Crystal Lottery Winnings!

    Anoia won the lottery jackpot of 1007 crystals. Congratulations!