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  • July 5 2015
    Winners for the Attack Comp are:
    1 - rooo(just chillin)[336776]
    2 - Crazymonkey ~ Happy 4th of July to all whom celebrate[420649]
    3 - Forbin ( Im not as think as you drunk I am)[27651]
    Congrats to all.
  • July 5 2015
    I am ending the donator sale tomorrow around this time. But i have a nice special event for people who are buying (and bought) the 60 dollar pack and the 200 dollar pack. with the 60 dollar pack you can train 6 hours in my 50.000 mood estate with the 200 dollar pack you can train 24 hours in my 50.000 mood estate. Have fun!!!
  • July 4 2015
    I hope everyone has a great day today! I'll make a special forum and everyone who write there name get a nice suprise from me! I'll sent these these suprises tomorrow. Have fun!