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  • December 17 2018
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. This Christmas season, we are planning on introducing special items to the streets – look for them starting soon. Also, we are introducing a special crime that will give 5 times the experience points. An added bonus is that we will give each player who sends an email, a Christmas special free pack. Each pack contains: - 10 insane skulls - 10 moods - 10,000 crystals - 500 mil money - 5 donator days Send an email asking for your free Christmas special pack to Bad Boy Bryant (ID 347676) or Sammy the Bull (ID 18462) between now and Dec 27th. And due to popular demand we are bringing back the Special Pack - Limit 3 per player For just $5 you will receive: -15 insane skulls (each skull gives 250 mil in Strength, Agility, and Guard) -31 donator days -50,000 crystals -1 billion in MC cash -50 Mood Potions OR we are offering a pack of 25 insane skulls for $5 or buy 3 insane skull packs and get 100 insane skulls, no limit here. Mail Bad Boy Bryant (ID 347676) or Sammy the Bull (ID 18462). As an added bonus, we are also having a raffle. Purchase one special pack or one 25 skull purchase get one raffle ticket, buy 3 special packs or 3 insane skull packs, and get 5 raffle tickets. Winner of raffle will receive 100 insane skulls. Good luck and Happy Holidays!
  • December 15 2018
    Crystal Lottery Winnings!

    four finger tony won the lottery jackpot of 249 crystals. Congratulations!
  • December 11 2018
    Lottery Winnings!

    ~ Royal ~ Nameless ~ Stay Lit ~ won the lottery jackpot of $42,143,775. Congratulations!