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  • September 17 2017
    Concratulations to these winners: Crimes competition 1 Bad Boy Bryant [347676] 2 Spy-Master[Newbie Helper] [394433] 3 Ripper [418328] Newbie winners 1 Monster88 [422874] 2 Spicey [422892] Attack competition: 1 Spy-Master[Newbie Helper] [394433] For all winner, send me a message where you wanna have the stats and i will add them. Next competition will be announced soon. Have fun everyone and if your willing to spend some real money then send me a message and i will create a killer pack for you. till soon Sammy the Bull
  • September 15 2017
    Crystal Lottery Winnings!

    Bad Boy Bryant won the lottery jackpot of 549 crystals. Congratulations!
  • September 15 2017
    Lottery Winnings!

    ShyVamp won the lottery jackpot of $101,118,750. Congratulations!