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  • May 27 2017
    I forgot to mention when you buy the pack and take advantage of the property upgrade you will be upgrading to the sammy property. Thanks
  • May 27 2017
    Since this is a holiday weekend we are gonna do a special holiday sale. But before we get to that we have a surprise for all you loyal MC players. For the rest of today, tomorrow, and all day Monday, instead of costing 10 crystals to refill your energy it will only cost 5 crystals. Now would be the time to hit the gym or leveling. Now for the holiday sale. The pack is $50 1000 Donator days 500 mood potions 500 special bongs 1 million crystals 100 million of each stat. Contact me if you want to take advantage of this and get this killer pack. If you buy this pack and want to upgrade your property contact me for the deal of the year on upgrading properties. You don't wanna miss this opportunity. The sale will end on Wednesday. Happy training!!
  • May 27 2017
    Crystal Lottery Winnings!

    Bad Boy Bryant won the lottery jackpot of 549 crystals. Congratulations!