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  • March 23 2019
    Lottery Winnings!

    Space Ghost won the lottery jackpot of $36,828,750. Congratulations!
  • March 23 2019
    Crystal Lottery Winnings!

    four finger tony won the lottery jackpot of 399 crystals. Congratulations!
  • March 17 2019
    Hello everyone!!! sent me, Sammy the Bull [18462] or Bad Boy Bryant [347676] 1 crystal. if they do that 3 days in the row then you will get 5 insane skulls. 7 days in a row 20 insane skulls and 31 days in a row 100 insane skulls. Also we will sell a special donation pack. 100 insane crystal skulls, 100 moods and 100.000 Crystals and 1 donator days pack. This pack will cost 10 dollar. if you want to buy 3 packs then its only 20 dollar. Contact me or Bad Boy if your interrested. Have fun everyone!!